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Beaulieu Carpets

Beaulieu Carpets Supply & Installation in Burnaby, Vancouver BC

Why choose Beaulieu Carpets?

  • Helps Canadan Company
  • Gets You High quality products
  • Helps stimulate the local economy and creates employment
  • Choose from a huge selection of styles and colors

Browse Beaulieu Carpet Styles:

Angora Touch 12 Colors

Artful 19 Colors

Avilla 9 Colors

Axis 28 | 15 Colors

Barbados Bay 12C

Bella Casa 13C

Bella Coola 15c

Bella Figura 13c

Bella Havana 24c

Bella Pacifica 13c

Bellabella 18c

Belladonna 18c

Bellamy 13c

Candid 9c

Captivation 28c

Chariot 12c

Cocoon Touch 12c

Costa Brava 20c

Costa Concordia 16c

Costa Del Mar 16c

Costa Rica 20c

Cupido II 16c

Delia 30c

Dulce Touch 12c

Elodie 30c

Enchantement 28c

Flannel Touch 12c

Fleury 16c

Gambit II 12c

Index II QS 6c

Invasion III 20 - 18c

Invasion III 28 - 18c

Island Song 20c

Javenese 28c

Landon 12c

Luminous Touch 12c

Malta 12 colors

Merit QS 6c

Milford 16c

Millbrae III 12c

Your flooring can be more affordable than you may think.
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We install Beaulieu carpet flooring in Burnaby, Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Surrey, West Vancouver and the whole Lower mainland.

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